Santhosh Bhadran

Many of us have adopted lifestyles that don’t support happiness. We lead lives that are too rushed, too stressed and too focused on things that don’t matter. We need to rethink our way of life because our unhealthy lifestyles are making us physically and mentally unwell. They’re making us unhappier, not happier. The solutions — doing things that support our wellbeing, finding opportunities to connect with others and making time for ourselves are intrinsically linked. Happiness is not a big thing, the good news is that many simple, positive, healthy choices and activities promote wellbeing.
We all have a remarkable capacity to make ourselves happier. Each of the little things we do to boost our mood - from reading, gardening, listening to music, pursuing a fitness activity etc - can add up to greater overall satisfaction.
But happiness doesn't come easy. We have to work at it. Here is the story of Santhosh Bhadran, who discovered running 4 years back. He say,"18th May 2014, a date to remember for lifetime, a day which gave me a new platform for me to know my endurance, a day which made me happy." Read on know his running journey.
I hail from Bangalore moved to Hyderabad in 2015, I am currently working with ICIC, for last 3 years. It was my childhood friend Vijay who induced the running bug into me.
Running History:
I started my first run in April 2014 along with my better half (Ambili). We both participated our first 10 K and I with no practice completed my first run, running and walking in 62 minutes on 18th May 2014, A date to remember for lifetime, a day which gave me a new platform for me to know my endurance, a day which made me happy, post which I completed KTM (Kaveri Trial marathon) in 58 min, same year enrolled for Bangalore Full marathon but was injured and had to change the category from full marathon to half marathon based on the advice of Dr. Gladson, who advised me not to do the full marathon until 2017.Like any other archetypal runner who ignored the advice and ended up learning in a hard way, I did my first half marathon in 2014 2:19:05 (PB 1:40:31) and in 2015 I did my first full marathon in 5:02:44 (PB 3:32). In the year 2015 during the Bengaluru marathon run I was injured (toenails bruised and bleeding) and hence the arduous journey of a barefoot runner started. My transformation of running started post meeting HR and Arun Kumar Kaliappan who played a pivotal role in getting me to HR. I did three ultra-last years (75Km, 80Km, and 50Km) and was able to achieve my PB in all the categories. Last three years I have participated in 40 plus race events.
Family & Work:
I am blessed to have a fantastic family who supports me in my running schedule. Married to Ambili for last 15 years and have a daughter Nirjara, studying in 7th standard. Off late my wife has started pursuing running after coming to Hyderabad.
Other Interests:
Social work was actively involved in community services in Bangalore.
Running Goals:
Ability to run for next two-decade injury free
HR means to me:
HR means a lot to me, as this is one group which transformed me to achieve my running goals. I am always grateful to this group as I remember earlier to HR how was my performance and how I have improved.
My favorite running Line:
Running is not about being better than someone else it’s about being better than you used to be. Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do. Let's welcome the summer with a long run. Be happy, Keep running!